The Science Visualization Initiative is led by Chris Sloan, an award-winning art director and author who, prior to starting Science Visualization, was Art Director and Senior Editor at National Geographic Magazine. At the magazine, Sloan led efforts to introduce innovative visualizations to the magazine and website, including 3D modeling and animation, interactives, and information graphics.

Sloan’s experience with a wide range of technologies and their application led him to the conviction that forward-thinking educators will approach S.T.E.A.M. content development and presentation with multiple media platforms in mind. Sloan calls the new media landscape created by technological convergence transmedia.

When appropriate, the Science Visualization Initiative is committed to helping organizations conceptualize and create transmedia content, allowing them to produce educational media with great reach at low cost. Sloan also conducts workshops on transmedia for institutions interested in learning how to make the most of their visual and other content assets and take advantage of the new media landscape.

With an avid interest in education and in bringing along the next generation of creative talent, Sloan has developed and currently teaches online classes for the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Art Academy University in San Francisco on information visualization, science illustration, and animal anatomy.

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